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Nsort is the Performance Choice

Nsort is a sort/merge program that can quickly sort large amounts of data, using large numbers of core processors and disks in parallel. Unique in its single-node CPU efficiency, Nsort has demonstrated:

  • 1 Terabyte sorts (5 minutes)
  • Multiple gigabyte/sec file read and write rates

Nsort has a long history of sorting massive, production data sets, such as:

  • Web logs for high-traffic web sites
  • Phone logs
  • Government agency data

Nsort is integrated into Informatica Corporation's analytic software products, used by over 4,440 customers including 80 percent of the Fortune 100.

The Nsort subroutine library is the engine behind the sort program in Adaptigent's NeoBatch product which allows mainframe sorts to be executed on Windows systems using multiple processors and disks.

You can try out Nsort with a free online trial. Nsort is available on:

  • Red Hat Linux (x64)
  • Microsoft Windows (x64)