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Nsort Product

Nsort has a full set of features to meet your sorting needs. Nsort can do the following:

  • Sort large data sets quickly.
  • Merge already-sorted input files.
  • Use multiple processors and disks in parallel.
  • Read sort input from multiple input files.
  • Access large files with 64-bit file offsets.
  • Handle a variety of record types:
    • fixed-length
    • delimited (lines of text)
  • Handle a variety of key types:
    • character
    • decimal character
    • binary integer
    • IEEE floating point
    • month
  • Sort records and keys up to 64 Kbytes wide.
  • Sort on an unlimited number of ascending or descending keys.
  • Delete duplicate-keyed records.
  • Add, drop, and reorder the fields in the sort records.
  • Include or omit records conditionally.
  • Subtotal fields by key value.
  • Produce multiple output files, each with its own selection criteria.
  • Unix sort program-type key specifications for records with delimited fields.

Nsort requires:

  • Red Hat Advanced Server for x86 or x64 platforms
  • Windows 2000 or higher for x86 platforms
  • Windows 2003 or higher for x64 platforms

Please see our Nsort literature for more detailed information on Nsort's features.